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Document Storage | Self Storage Washington

Documents Paper piles up. For business owners it doesn't take long before files, sheets, and paper archives start to overflow and interfere with your productivity. When you have too many hardcopy files, it's time to look into Document Storage, and Daffodil Storage has the solution for you

Whether you are a business owner hoping to clear up some space or you are a homeowner hoping to safely stash important personal documents and photos, we offer ten convenient locations in the Puget Sound area for your convenience and peace of mind."
Most of our stores offer a selection of heated units. Placing your more delicate items, such as documents or photos, in heated storage is more likely to help preserve their integrity. The majority of our stores use a radiant heat system with a hot water pipe-heating system beneath the floor. Our other stores use the forced air heating method, but either way your documents will be cared for.

Just remember, pack and stack your items in your unit to allow for proper airflow and ventilation. Over-stacking can lead to damage on your items. Inquire with a leasing associate about the best storage practices, including what should and should not be stored.