How to Properly Store Mattresses, Bedding, and Blankets

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Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home (congratulations!) or you want to improve the sense of space in your existing home, it’s hard to argue that storing any extra mattresses you own wouldn’t work out in your favor. Mattresses are big, often unwieldy, and even when they’re off to the side, they suck up a lot of available elbow room. Having mattresses and other bedding supplies sitting around unused can grow frustrating really quickly.

These storage tips from the experts at Daffodil Storage can help you create the space you need in your home with the help of self storage. You don’t need to live with a mattress-sized headache, and we’re determined to prove it.

Using a Mattress Storage Box

If you are looking for an easy and effective way to store mattresses, a mattress storage box is the perfect solution. This common approach to mattress storage is a winner for a reason. It makes storing mattresses easier, but it also helps ensure your mattress stays in the best condition possible, untouched by dust. It’s important to understand how to properly use a mattress storage box to maximize the benefits available to you.

  • Box Sizing. Ensure that the storage box size matches the type of mattress you intend to put away. The box for a full size mattress obviously won’t be enough to hold a king.
  • Mattress Condition. Make sure that your mattress is completely dry before placing it into the storage box. If there are any wet spots on the mattress, allow them time to air dry or use a towel or cloth to absorb as much moisture as possible before putting it in the box.
  • Extra Protection. To keep dust and dirt away from your mattress while in storage, place at least one layer of plastic between the top surface of your mattress and inside walls of the box.

With these precautions and steps in place, you can make sure your mattress is safe, secure, and clean for months or even years in storage.

Using Plastic Mattress Storage Bags

As an alternate option to the mattress storage box, if you’re looking to store your mattress after or during the moving process, a plastic mattress storage bag is a great solution. These bags are designed to protect your mattress from dust, dirt, moisture and other elements as you move it from one place to another, though it can also be used for short term storage. The plastic material creates an airtight seal that keeps out any unwanted exposure and keeps your mattress in great shape for future use.

It’s easy to slip the bag over the top of your mattress and seal it up tightly with its strong zipper or drawstring closure (they come in different types based on cost and preferences). You can then store it away without worrying about pests or insects invading your sheets or mattresses while they are tucked away in storage.

Need a plastic mattress cover but not sure where to look? Daffodil Storage facilities have moving and packing supplies available for purchase onsite so you can stock up on all of the items you need! Stop by the front office on your next visit to browse available materials including plastic mattress covers, cardboard boxes, packing tape, and more.

How to Properly fold Bedding and Blankets for Storage

But beds are rarely made of just the mattress, are they? You also probably have some spare bedding and blankets to contend with. If so, it might be time to learn how to properly fold bedding and blankets for storage. Knowing how to store these items can help you create a more organized space while also protecting the blankets from wear and tear.

The first step is to shake out each blanket or comforter before folding it up. This will help remove dust particles that may have accumulated over time, plus it gives the fabric a chance to breathe before you store it away. When folding each item, be sure not to crease or wrinkle it too much; this will cause damage and make them look less attractive when they are eventually taken out of storage. You can then place these in a stack in the blanket storage bin of your choosing, kept either in self storage or on a closet shelf.

Daffodil Storage—the Sanctuary for Your Mattress

Hopefully our mattress storage tips helped open your mind to the possibilities for how you can free up some space around your home, and strategically relocate those spare mattresses and blankets in a way that keeps them safe for future use with the help of personal storage

As for the matter of where you can put those mattresses, we encourage a fine-tuned self storage experience like those offered by Daffodil Storage. Our expertly-designed facilities all across Washington state, with each of our locations boasting a team of highly-trained customer service staff, advanced layers of security, and a range of storage size options to suit your every need. If you just need a small closet for a mattress or two, we can cover that, as well as plenty of larger units if you’re looking for a more abundant storage option.

When you’re ready, find a Daffodil Storage location near you, select the storage unit you need, and safely pack your mattress away today!

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