Pest Control

Daffodil Storage’s Pest-Free Storage Environment

Self storage offers a pragmatic solution during life’s transitions, such as moves, renovations, or vacations. However, overlooking proper storage practices can lead to unforeseen challenges like pests. Therefore, choosing a suitable storage facility is paramount to protecting your belongings, whether you’re storing a boat, business inventory, or even a wedding dress.

By making a deliberate selection, you protect your valuables and mitigate potential risks associated with storage. Opting for a reputable self storage facility provides a sense of security, ensuring your possessions remain protected from pests throughout any life event.

Daffodil Storage collaborates with Independent Pest Solutions L.L.C., which is a local company in Puyallup, WA, with over 17 years of expertise in pest control services. This family-owned business proudly serves South King, Pierce, North Thurston, and most Kitsap Counties. Their pest control services ensure a strong defense against pests for Daffodil Storage and our customers.

Common Self Storage Pests 

With their diverse contents and sporadic tenant visits, storage facilities can become playgrounds for pests. The mingling of various materials and infrequent oversight creates an ideal environment for unwelcome guests to thrive unnoticed. Among the usual suspects are critters such as:

Vigilance and proactive measures are essential to keep these intruders at bay and maintain a pest-free storage space.

Taking Preventive Action Against Pests

Regular pest control inspections are vital in identifying pests within Daffodil Storage facilities. Independent Pest Solutions’ commercial pest control services swiftly address pests and infestations by sealing potential entry points and implementing effective treatment programs. With this proactive approach, Daffodil Storage facilities offer customers peace of mind regarding the preservation of their possessions.

Regular Pest Inspections

Daffodil Storage utilizes Independent Pest Solutions’ expertise to conduct regular pest control inspections of the storage facilities in the area.[2]  These inspections are crucial in identifying and addressing potential entry points or harborage areas, effectively protecting the storage environment from pests.

Conducting Pest Control Treatments

Daffodil Storage prioritizes customer satisfaction by partnering with Independent Pest Solutions’ commercial pest control services and regularly updating pest management methods based on recommendations from the pest technician. This attentive approach to identifying signs of infestations ensures an extra layer of protection for stored items, providing customers with peace of mind.

Monitoring and Sustaining Cleanliness

Daffodil Storage’s facilities uphold ongoing pest control protocols by regularly monitoring storage areas for signs of infestation. Pests are effectively kept at bay by maintaining clean and dry storage facilities.

Daffodil Storage’s Pest-Free Storage Facilities

Daffodil Storage partners with Independent Pest Solutions, a trusted local company, to shield our customers’ belongings from pests. With their pest control expertise, we provide a pest-free storage environment, giving our customers peace of mind knowing their items are preserved in storage. Find a nearby Daffodil Storage facility today, peruse our frequently asked questions page online, or explore our storage blog for more information!