Moving Storage With a Self Storage Unit

There aren’t many people who can disagree when we say that moving is downright difficult. However, at Daffodil Storage, we’re able to make it just a little bit easier on you by providing a self storage unit in the Puget Sound area to store your belongings while you transition from one home to another.

Whether you’re a student moving into or out of a college dorm, relocating your family into a new home, or your business is migrating to a different location, moving is exhausting, and it demands a high level of attention and organization. A self storage unit helps break the moving process into steps, giving you somewhere in between point A and point B to keep your belongings or business inventory.

If you’re going through a move big or small near the Puget Sound region, including the cities of Auburn, Buckley, Milton, Puyallup, Silverdale, Tacoma, or beyond, Daffodil Storage has several self storage facilities near you to take the load off your shoulders. 

Moving Made Easy With Self Storage Features

Our facilities have the features to make every moving task a little easier. Drive-up storage units are a great option for people who want to keep their trips as short as possible. Simply park in front of the unit, unlock and open the door, and move items directly from your vehicle into your unit. These units minimize the distance from your car or truck to your unit and are perfect for storing heavy boxes, furniture, or items you’ll need to access often. On the other hand, indoor heated storage units provide a comfortable environment for sensitive belongings, such as musical instruments and electronics. 

Our storage facilities also feature quality security features for welcomed peace of mind while you handle the rest of your move. Our facilities are fully fenced with keypad access and 24/7 video surveillance. Select facilities offer smart units, which allow you to use your smartphone to access the facility and your unit. You can also track who has been in your unit and access a recorded history of unit access. Speak with the manager at your nearest facility to see if smart units are available. 

Other self storage features include:

Self Storage in Washington When You Need It

Everybody’s moving process is on a different timeline. There’s no right or wrong pace when it comes to moving as long as you get it done to your liking. Long-term and short-term storage are both options at Daffodil Storage. Even if things fall behind schedule, you won’t have to worry about a lease running out because all of our rentals are on a month-by-month basis. Rent a storage unit only for the duration of your move, or continue to utilize it even after you’re settled into your new home. Common self storage uses while moving include:

The ways to use a self storage unit near Seattle, WA, are virtually endless. With month-to-month leases, Daffodil Storage always stays flexible, giving you wiggle room and extra space while you navigate the moving process. Find a self storage facility today!

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Car, Boat, and RV Storage

Potential buyers looking at your house want to feel right at home when they visit. Forcing them to park in the street and squeeze between an array of vehicles to find the front door isn’t going to help make that happen. Fortunately, Daffodil Storage offers vehicle, RV, and boat storage near you at many of our facilities. Even if just for a few weeks, you can store your extra cars or recreational vehicles at your local, fully fenced, Daffodil Storage facility to welcome house hunters to your home.

Find a Storage Unit Near You

Let Daffodil Storage be the key to a successful move. With several storage facilities throughout the Puget Sound region, you can find just the right storage unit for your moving job at Daffodil Storage. First-time and seasoned movers alike can benefit from our storage tips to help make the most of your rented storage space. Find self storage near you and get started today!