Heated Storage

When living in the Pacific Northwest, one can expect cool breezes, low temperatures, and a lot of humidity. While this type of climate may be ideal for lovers of cold, rainy days, it is not always ideal when storing delicate items in a garage, shed, basement, or attic. Some items may be at risk of irreversible damage if stored in an environment with extreme temperatures. Thankfully, Daffodil Storage has the answer. We offer heated storage units at several locations for all your delicate belongings. Find a Daffodil storage facility near you to begin renting heated storage today.

What Is Heated Storage?

Heated storage units offer the ability to keep your belongings in an environment that remains warm no matter how cold it becomes in the winter. This is particularly good for items susceptible to temperature-related damage such as warping, tearing, cracking, or fading. You can find heated storage from Daffodil Storage in several locations, including:

How Do I Know if I Need Heated Storage?

If you are planning to store any item that is delicate in nature or that you would like to provide an additional layer of protection, heated storage is a great way to protect items from cold weather conditions. It is completely up to your discretion what items you choose to store in your heated storage unit. However, there are a few items that need to be kept in mind when deciding if heated storage is the right choice for you. These items include:

How Do I Prepare My Items for Heated Storage?

While heated storage units do a lot in the way of protecting your items from damage caused by extremely cold temperatures, there are still some precautions you can take as you begin to prepare your items for long-term storage. The first step is to begin organizing and creating a list of items that need to be stored. This will help you as you begin packing items up to ensure you pack the correct items and keep similar items stored together.

You will also need to purchase the proper items for storage such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. The next step is to clean all your items based on the material they are made of in order to prevent rusting, dust accumulation, and other damage. Anything made of leather or metal such as brass or silver should be polished as well.

Once all of your items are cleaned, you can begin the process of packing everything up for storage. Make sure to wrap anything that is breakable and label boxes for easy access. When you’re ready to place your items into your heated storage unit, it’s important to keep items off the ground and cover any furniture you plan on storing. For additional advice on preparing items for storage, check out our storage tips page on our website.

Rent Heated Storage From Daffodil Storage Today

If you plan on storing temperature-sensitive items, Daffodil Storage is here to help with heated storage units near you. In addition to this convenient feature, we also offer several other helpful amenities to make your storage experience a positive one. Take a look at our FAQ page to explore our features and learn more about the services we provide. When you’re ready to begin storing your items in a heated storage unit, rent or reserve one online today.