Storage Tips

Why Choose Daffodil Storage?

Daffodil Storage offers self storage units, boat storage, RV storage, car storage, vehicle parking and more. We strive to make storage easy and convenient for you. With locations in Tacoma, Puyallup, Milton, Auburn, Buckley, Lacey, Port Orchard & growing, we have your storage needs covered throughout Pierce County and the Kitsap Peninsula. Although we recognize you have many choices when it comes to storage units, we’re confident you will see why Daffodil Storage is right for you once you know what we have to offer. We have compiled some helpful tips and insider knowledge to help you prepare for moving into a storage unit and make the process as stress-free as possible.

We offer a large selection of available storage sizes. From 12.5 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft. and everything in between, we are sure to have the right size to fit your needs. One way to get a good estimate of which size you will need is to gather any furniture items and boxes you plan to store and measure how much space they take up. Measure the dimensions of your largest item so that you know the minimum length or width you will need for your unit. Take some time to decide what to store before you rent a unit to save yourself the headache of needing to transfer units or rent more than one to fit all your items. Keep in mind you will need a larger unit if you are storing mostly furniture that you can’t put smaller things inside of or stack. If you are mostly storing boxes that can be stacked, or items that can go on end, you can likely fit everything in a smaller unit. 

At Daffodil Storage, you will find both Drive-Up and Interior Storage unit types. Drive-Up units are convenient for larger or heavy items so you can unload directly into your unit. Interior units are accessible through our wide brightly-lit hallways and offer extra protection from the elements while moving your items. There are elevators in all multi-story buildings, so you won’t have to lug heavy items up any stairs if you do choose an upper floor unit. A leasing associate can work with you to find the size and type of unit best suited to meet your needs. Try our interactive size guides on any facility page to determine which size is best for you. 

We know your belongings are important, and that’s why we are proud to offer heated storage units. Units offering this feature are heated above dew point using a radiant heat system or a forced air system to help maintain the integrity of your items. This is especially helpful for storing papers, textiles, wood items, or items that can not get wet. Units are not kept as warm and cozy as a typical home would be, but your items will not freeze.  

Any very temperature-sensitive items or irreplaceable belongings should be kept out of storage and in your home, however. Not all units are heated, so make sure the one you’re getting is heated if it best suits your stored goods. Ask our helpful leasing associates today about the benefits of storing your goods in a heated unit. 

With locations throughout Pierce and Kitsap counties, King county, Thurston county and growing, we have many convenient facilities around the Puget Sound area. Your storage unit should be easy to get to, so it is key to find a facility near your house or workplace, or in an area you visit often, such as near your favorite grocery store. If your storage is a hassle to get to, it will be a chore to use it and you may find yourself making less than ideal use of the extra space you’re renting. 

In addition to convenient locations, we also offer moving equipment and long access hours to make loading your unit as simple as locating a facility. All of our locations offer complimentary push carts, moving supplies for sale, and a few stores even have truck rentals to help make your move as stress-free as possible. You can visit your unit from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day of the year, so your storage fits into your schedule when it works for you. 

The safety and security of your belongings is our top priority. For your peace of mind, all our storage facilities are fully fenced with an electronic coded entry gate. Security cameras are dispersed throughout our properties for additional protection. We do not allow 24 hour access because if there is after hours activity on property, offsite security is notified and can involve law enforcement if needed. Some Daffodil Storage locations even offer individual door alarms, smart locks, and on-site resident managers to provide an additional level of security.  Individual unit door alarms provide an electronic record every time your storage unit door is opened and closed. Be sure to ask a leasing manager about features specific to the storage unit you are looking at.

Reserving your unit online at Daffodil Storage is free, easy, and you can change your mind anytime. No deposit or credit card required! By making a reservation on our website, you lock in the price and promotion for your chosen unit. Rates and specials can change quickly, so reserving your unit ensures your savings. Some discounts are only offered online. It also guarantees that we will have the size you need when you are ready to move in. 

Even if you are not sure when you need a unit or what size exactly, we still recommend making a reservation! You can easily change your move-in date by calling us, or by yourself during the online move-in process! Once we have an active reservation for you, it’s a snap to switch your unit type or size. There is no obligation to rent once you reserve a unit. Someone from our team will call you to verify the basics of your reservation and to ask if you have questions, but we will not pressure you to sign a lease. If you decide you don’t need a unit after all, call, email, or text us and we will cancel your reservation immediately. Since there was no fee to reserve the unit, you aren’t losing money by canceling. 

Should you have any questions or are simply not sure about the right size to meet your needs, give us a phone call today and we’ll be glad to help you. We can reserve a unit over the phone too. We’re confident you will find the right storage unit at the right price to meet your needs.

It’s true, you can rent a unit online, too! You can fill out an electronic lease and make payment all from the comfort of your own home (or workplace, or grocery store, or spin class… you get the idea).

We understand your plans may change and that’s why your space should be flexible. Some storage facilities use year-long contracts, which aren’t a good match if you only need your unit for a couple months between homes or seasonally. We don’t use long-term contracts and you can move out after one month, many months, or years! If you find that you need more or less space, our storage consultants can help you resize to fit your needs. When you no longer need our space, we ask for ten days advance notice to move out. If your plans change, you can always change your move-out date as well! We suggest moving out at the end of the month since we can’t refund partial rent or prorate out if you don’t use your unit all days of the month. 

Be Move-In Ready!

We’re here every step of the way to make your storage experience exceptional. We offer boxes, tape, packing supplies, rolling carts and truck rentals at our facilities to make your move easy. Our leasing associates are an excellent resource for packing tips and tricks to help speed up your move. 

When you’re ready to move-in, you can choose one of two ways: online, or in person. Whichever you choose, you will need a form of identification and a payment method. You can complete all of your rental paperwork easily online from anywhere. Just reserve a unit on our website, watch for an email from us, and click the button within to start the online move-in! You could have access to your new storage unit the same day. Some of our offices also offer kiosks to complete your lease, so that you can complete your rental agreement online but be able to ask office staff for help if you need it. Talk about convenience! 

If you prefer to fill out paperwork in our office, we recommend allowing 15 minutes to complete this process. Please try to arrive at least 30 minutes before the end of our business hours. Our leasing associates will review important terms and conditions, and information about the facility at which you are storing, such as how to access the facility and how to find your unit.  

However you decide to rent your unit, we are confident you will find it to be a painless experience at Daffodil Storage, with staff available to help if needed.

Make sure you take advantage of our complimentary onsite moving supplies, including hand trucks, furniture dollies, and appliance carts. Other packing supplies are for sale in our leasing offices.  

When loading your unit, always stack the heaviest or largest boxes/items on the bottom, and lighter items on top. Don’t stack higher than you can reach, and remember to leave a walkway. Label your boxes if you can for easy retrieval. Put plastic on the floor to protect items from dirt, and wrap any furniture or valuable items to prevent dirt, dust, and moisture from ruining anything. If your unit is heated, you also need to leave some room between items for air flow, and might consider putting boards under your items to keep them off the floor. Boxes, plastic covers, and more can be purchased in our office to help make moving your items easy. 

Certain items are never allowed in a storage unit, including food, live or dried plants, animals, loaded firearms, flammable liquids, fireworks, and explosives. This does mean if you are storing a vehicle inside a unit or other small engines that they should be drained or nearly empty of gasoline. Some items you would not consider food might be food to certain rodents and pests, such as rice-filled stuffed animals, pet food bags, some soaps, empty soda cans or bottles, even macaroni art… being conscientious when storing your goods goes a long way to protect not only your belongings, but that of your storage mates, too. Illegal items like drugs or stolen goods are also prohibited. It is highly recommended not to store priceless heirlooms, art, jewelry, personal documents, or otherwise sentimental items. 

Activities such as running a business, hanging out, or sleeping in your unit or on property are also not allowed. If gate logs show that you are spending many hours every day or staying overnight on property, you will be asked to move out and we will not renew your lease. 

Daffodil Storage accepts all major credit cards, cash, and checks. Rent is due on the first of each month. At your convenience, you can make a payment online through our payment portal, over the phone, or in person. We also offer an easy automatic payment option where your storage rent is automatically charged to your credit card every month. Never forget to pay your rent or hassle with late fees again! If this interests you, ask your office staff to set you up on autopay today, or do it yourself in the payment portal. 

Managing your account online is easy through our website. Simply click the Pay Bill button from the top right of our website and enter your information to log in. From there you can check your balance, make payment, sign up for autopay, update your credit card, submit a change of address, and view your account history. 

You have access to your unit or parking space every day of the year from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m, including holidays. All of our properties are accessible by an individual gate code or an app. We never have keys to your unit so should you lose yours, see a leasing associate about regaining access. Please separate your keys as soon as you receive them to prevent losing all of them at once and needing a lock cut.  

We’re sorry to see you go, but we get it! We recommend moving out on the last day of the month because we cannot refund a partial month’s rent. To vacate, just give our office ten days notice. If plans change after giving notice, just keep us informed so we can adjust your move-out date or cancel it.  

On your move-out day, make sure to remove the lock and empty out the unit completely, including trash. You can keep your lock, as you have all the keys. For all units, especially Smart Units (unless instructed otherwise) leave your unit door open. If you are in a Smart Unit and close the door after you emptied it out, it locks and we cannot access your unit, nor can we move you out. Then you have to make a trip back only to open your door, and nobody wants that. 

 After vacating, please stop in the office and let a leasing associate know so we can move you out in our system. Requesting a move-out receipt is the best way to ensure you have been officially moved out. Otherwise, you may continue being charged rent.