Self Storage for Students

When the school year has ended and you find yourself packing up your dorm to begin the long trip home for the summer, an important question will probably cross your mind: what will you do with all of your stuff? Instead of stuffing your car to the brim or renting a moving truck to bring all of your belongings home, just to haul it all back again in a couple of months, opt for a self storage unit to keep your belongings organized while you’re away.

Why Students Need Self Storage

With limited living space that is often shared with multiple people, college students are some of the people that benefit most from utilizing self storage. If you find that your closet or wardrobe is not large enough to hold all of your seasonal clothing or impressive shoe collection, a 5’ x 5’ storage unit is a great way to expand your space and store away those items until you need them again. 

Moving into the dorms or an apartment with roommates means combining your households, and more often than not you’ll find your group left with duplicate furniture items and common appliances. Rather than selling or donating your unused items, a self storage unit can be an affordable option for storing those belongings so you won’t need to re-purchase them later on. 

And finally, self storage makes that move back home for the summer a breeze, eliminating the need to haul everything you own back and forth. If you are going abroad for a semester or have taken on an internship in another city, self storage can be the perfect way to keep your belongings safely tucked away until you return.

Helpful Storage Features at Daffodil Storage

When you’re a busy college student, convenience is a factor in everything you do — which is why Daffodil Storage makes it a priority. We designed every storage feature with you in mind, and across all of our locations you’ll find:

Rent Your Student Self Storage at Daffodil Storage Today

No matter your self storage needs, Daffodil Storage is proud to offer affordable and convenient storage solutions for students across Washington. Whether you need a unit for a few months while home for the summer or an entire year as you study abroad from University of Washington Tacoma, Daffodil Storage has you covered. Find a storage facility near you and rent or reserve your unit online today!