Your Guide To Discovering Silverdale, WA

A green sign features the shape of Washington with text reading, “Welcome to Washington, the Evergreen State,” with a backdrop of a partly cloudy sky and evergreen trees.

At just over 21,000 residents, Silverdale, WA, is the perfect size for people who want a laid-back lifestyle with a mix of urban vibrancy and nature. With a substantial military presence, Silverdale is an excellent place for military families to continue their service while cultivating a wider sense of community.

Rainier View Storage adores the serenity and coziness of Silverdale, which is why we want to walk you through the best parts of the city. Even if you’re just visiting or staying long term, you’ll have plenty of options for things to do in Silverdale. From the pristine trails to mouthwatering food and drinks, let’s jump in!

Explore the Scenic Areas

Silverdale is filled with peaceful views and glorious sunsets over the Olympic Mountains, but what else can you do in Silverdale, WA? Below, we’ve included some must-see natural areas in Silverdale.

Mount Rainier Trail

There are several ways to approach Mount Rainier and its corresponding trails, but the best place to start is to plan a trip to Mount Rainier National Park. Once you have your pass, you can find the nearest starting point and a path that feels appropriate for the level of challenge you’re looking for.

Remember to pack plenty of water, a comfortable pair of walking shoes or hiking boots, sunscreen, and food. You’ll also need to bring clothing appropriate for the season. Before you visit, check the official National Parks Service website for trail closings and other important information.

Clear Creek Trail

Clear Creek Trail begins in Silverdale Waterfront Park and takes you along the northern edge of Silverdale. You’ll go past a dog park and skatepark, venture into the wetlands and remnant forests, and end up back in a highly developed urban area. Through its eight miles, you can explore every major quality of the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula.

Waterfront Park

The Silverdale Waterfront Park is located along a stretch of shoreline. It’s easily identifiable by the locals paddleboarding on the waves, dashing along in motorboats on the horizon, or sailing against the wind.

It’s easy to spend a morning, afternoon, or evening in Waterfront Park if you’re looking for free family activities in Silverdale, WA. Throw on your swim trunks, grab an umbrella, and enjoy the smell of fresh water.

Find Culinary Delights From the Local Scene

No exploration of a new place is complete without the food! When it comes to what to do in Silverdale, WA, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cuisines and cocktail options available to enjoy.

Spiro’s Pasta & Pizza

Spiro’s may be small and unassuming, but their pizza and pasta can pack a punch. Its atmosphere provides a sense of coziness that makes for excellent casual dining. Grab the chicken pesto sub and head to the outdoor patio to enjoy your meal.

Silver City Restaurant & Ale House

When it comes to Silverdale dining, Silver City Restaurant & Ale House is an essential experience. The menu is extensive, so even the pickiest eater can find something to enjoy. With a brewery attached, you’ll also find delicious drinks in-house. Catch a sports game on one of their hanging screens, order your cheeseburger of choice, and bask in the classic vibe of one of the premier spots in town.

Fuelrz Natural Muffins & Cafe

If you have a more restrictive diet, Fuelrz is the spot for you. Boasting gluten-free, vegan, and other diet-friendly options, Fuelrz is a local favorite for everyone trying to stay on the more natural side of baked goods. Our personal favorites are the banana walnut muffins and the peanut butter poppers. There’s no dairy, no oil, no butter, no soy—all delicious all the same.

Family Activities in Silverdale, WA

A family enjoys spending time together on a sailboat, while watching the beautiful sunset.

Regarding things to do in Silverdale, WA, especially with a family, we have a thorough list of activities for you to explore.

Kitsap Great Escape

Escape rooms are a popular activity for kids, teens, and adults alike. There’s something invigorating about testing oneself against the labyrinth of a delicately crafted puzzle room alongside family and friends.

Bond with your family in a new way by tackling the Kitsap Great Escape and its multiple escape rooms. Some rooms change to entirely new places over time, so if you’ve been before, check back periodically to see if their puzzle engineers have cooked up something new for you to overcome together!

All Star Lanes

All Star Lanes offers a quick and easy dose of family fun on a slow day. The bowling alley has two levels. The lanes and eatery downstairs, where you can see who the best bowler in the family is while indulging in some cheesy fries, and the upstairs casino, which features tables for poker, blackjack, and other Vegas games. There’s also a small arcade so everyone can have fun their way.

Cascade Elite Gymnastics West

When it comes to gymnastics, the younger children begin, the better. Let Cascade Elite Gymnastics introduce your children to a healthy community of athletes so they can cultivate the joy of teamwork while they’re young.

Navy Underwater Museum

Visiting the Navy Underwater Museum is a fun and educational way for families to explore submarines and diving history. This museum features an impressive collection of submarines, diving equipment, and artifacts that bring the underwater world of naval operations to life. The museum’s interactive and educational displays make it an ideal destination for family and history enthusiasts from all around.

Maximize Your Silverdale Experience With Rainier View Storage

Whether you’re in Silverdale on a limited trip or intend to call it home for years to come, there’s one thing you can do to elevate your living experience. Invest in self storage.

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